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Commercial Sno Kones

Commercial Sno Kones

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Classic Sno-Kone Machine

Description: This Commercial Sno Kones machine can shave 500 lbs of ice an hour! Great for fundraisers, big events, school event, or your child's birthday party. Make 2-flavor Sno Kones by pouring different flavor syrup on each half of the Sno Kones. We offer litters or gallons of syrup, or you can pick up your own.

Requirements: You will need a table or counter to set the Sno Kones machine on while in use.

You will also need to purchase:

Available from us:
- Sno Kones Syrup
- Cones
- Table (Rent Only)
- Cooler (Rent Only)
- Extension Cord (Rent Only)

Not Available from us:
- Bag of Ice